How to create and design a YouTube channel to make it popular

How to create and design a YouTube channel to make it popular
Step-by-step instructions on how to create a channel on YouTube, as well as independently, quickly and professionally make all the design: the cover, avatar, and preview for the video.

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YouTube is not only a popular video hosting service but also a place to promote business and ideas. This article will help novice video bloggers and marketers of companies not only create a channel on YouTube but also independently, professionally, and quickly design it. Bonus at the end of the article — a section with tips for further promotion of the channel.

Creating a YouTube channel
To create a YouTube channel, you need to have a Google account. If you don’t have a Google account yet, register it, and if you do, here is a quick guide to creating and configuring a channel:

Go to the YouTube website and click the «Log in» button located in the upper-right corner of the page.
How to create and design a YouTube channel to make it popular
A window opens to log in to your Google account. Enter your Google mail address and password.
How to create and design a YouTube channel to make it popular
You are logged in to YouTube with your username and password. Now once again pay attention to the upper-right corner: there is a circle-this is the icon of your profile. Click on it and select «Creative Studio».
Congratulations, you have created a channel, now it’s time to start filling it and decorating it.

Looking for an idea and evaluating the audience
First, you need an idea-a topic that would attract a certain audience, be interesting and useful to them. If you try to make your channel for everyone, you will definitely miss your audience. Therefore, you need to clearly understand which people will watch your videos, and based on this, plan the content, make the content and design of the channel.

Depending on the topic, the videos can be different: short or long, educational, news or entertainment, funny or serious. They can be designed for children, young people or older people, and sometimes even for individual groups of people — young mothers, fishermen, dog lovers, musicians.

The visual design of the channel also depends on the needs and preferences of the audience: the font and base colors that will be used to create the avatar, cover art, and thumbnails for the video.

Below are some examples of the visual design of YouTube channels with a brief description of the target audience and the format of the videos.

Skying Channel — online English language school. Bright visual images were used for the cover: the language and the English flag. The audience is people who want to improve their English, learn more about slay, and practice their pronunciation. The video format is both educational and entertaining.

How to create and design a YouTube channel to make it popular
Elon Musk news channel. For the cover, the logos of the companies of the entrepreneur Elon Musk are used, as well as his name, as the loudest and recognizable. The audience is people who are interested in modern technologies. The format of the videos is seven-minute news videos with vivid visuals and facts.

How to create and design a YouTube channel to make it popular
Entertainment channel «Take it and do it». For the cover, bright colors, large font and various objects on the background are used; for the logo, the image of a light bulb embodies ideas. The audience of the channel is people who like to do something with their own hands, are engaged in creativity with children, are looking for interesting life hacks for home decoration, cooking, and just for fun. The format of the videos is a visual sequence to the music.

How to create and design a YouTube channel to make it popular
English-language channel «BBC Earth». The cover is colorful, showing the greatness of the planet. On the avatar and cover — the BBC logo. The audience is people who love nature and animals. Format — short funny videos that help you relax and smile.

How to create and design a YouTube channel to make it popular
You will also need to decide on the tone of the text that will be used both on the preview and in the descriptions for the videos. Think about which message will be more familiar and more comfortable for your audience: on «you» or on «you»? Which style will be more familiar and understandable for them: funny, sarcastic, confidential, cheeky, funny or authoritative.

Developing a corporate identity
Corporate identity is a special, pre-thought-out combination of colors, fonts, images, and even mood in all design elements. This means that your cover, logo and preview should not only be beautiful and stylish individually but also make a harmonious picture together, as well as match your audience and reflect the message that you want to convey to them.

First, let’s define what the cover, avatar, and preview are, what they are for, and where they are located.

The cover is the design element that visitors to your channel see first of all. This is a bright and stylish picture, which is also called a banner or a channel header. It is located at the top of the main page.

How to create and design a YouTube channel to make it popular
The channel’s avatar is a circle with your logo, photo, or just an inscription. On the main page, it is located under the cover on the left. It is by the avatar that in most cases the viewer can easily recognize your channel.

How to create and design a YouTube channel to make it popular
A preview is a clickable image that all users see by scrolling through the video feed on YouTube, going to trends, recommended ones, or directly to your channel. This picture is also called a thumbnail. By clicking on it, the user goes to view the video.

How to create and design a YouTube channel to make it popular
Having decided on the content, the target audience, the message, and the colors of the channel, you should think about the font. Moreover, it can be located on the cover, on the preview, and on the avatar.

When your viewers will scroll through the video on YouTube, they will need to «catch» something with their eyes. Therefore, the font on the preview should be large enough. For previews, simple, clear, straight fonts without serifs, monograms, and other elements that complicate reading work well.

The color of the image is also important since it itself carries a certain message. Each color carries a certain message:

white — purity, innocence, simplicity, impartiality
pink-dreams, childhood, love, carelessness
red — life, love, expression, passion, fire
orange — cheerfulness, excitement, holiday
yellow-joy, happiness, warmth, sun, gold
green-health, nature, harmony, freshness
blue-tenderness, lightness, relaxation, calm
blue-trust, security, mystery
purple — higher intelligence, calm, mysticism
black-mystery, emptiness, style, sadness
The color combination is also important. For example, red and black can represent style and audacity. But if red is replaced with gold, a completely different feeling is created — luxury and abundance.

Before that, we were talking about pure colors. But each color has many shades that dramatically change its perception. For example, yellow can be bright and joyful, or it can be more calm. And if you add a little greenish shade to it, then this color causes rejection and no longer represents warmth, but rather an envy, bile.

When choosing a color scheme for a channel, proceed from your personal preferences and perception, and from an analysis of your audience and the specifics of the channel.

In the Canva service, you can set your corporate identity: choose your own corporate colors, fonts for headings, subheadings, and plain text, as well as upload logos, if you already have them. In the future, this feature will make it easier to work on a single style of your channel.

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